Customer Service

 We make sure that our customers can capitalize on every opportunity. Offering reliable jetty access, fast flow rates, highly efficient turnarounds and reliable infrastructure. Using the very best road, rail, barge and pipeline connections.

We think with our customers

To work with customers you have to think like a customer. We make sure we are well informed so we can speak their language. To be able to act instantly when necessary. We are a can do company with a flat structure, where new ideas are developed, solutions are found and opportunities are seized.

What do our customers need today?

What do they need tomorrow? What do they need in the future? Anticipating and thinking ahead are second nature to us. Answering questions before they’re asked and always being one step ahead.

At VTTI we realise,

Every­one in our company works in customer service, also the people our customers never see. Every aspect of how we store and transport our customers’ products affects how our customers think about us. Understanding this is the basis of our culture. It’s what makes us who we are. It’s why we do what we do.