We feel responsible for handling the products that we store. For the customers that we serve. For our people and the communities that surround us. For what we can do and what we can achieve, together.

Health and safety: Always in our minds and actions

Health and safety is deeply engrained in the thinking of our company. We are committed to continuously demonstrate this through our results and actions. Fundamen­tal to our culture, “The ETT Way”, and our Core Qualities. Our operational framework focuses on, safety and occupational health, protection of the environment, sustainability, and reliability and quality.We foster a culture of encouraging, learning and improving.A positive approach increases future safety. Continuous evaluation is a key part of our process towards achieving zero accidents. We share best practices and lessons learned with all our facilities, but also with other companies, to improve industry standards. So that we all benefit. We invest in the latest technology to further minimize our environmental footprint. To conduct our business in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Our Environment

At ETT, we share a collective feeling of responsibility towards the environment that goes beyond the legal requirements that apply to our business and the minimum standards that we have set for ourselves. We are continuously investing in our existing and new terminals in innovative, sustainable solutions that reduce their environmental and carbon footprint.

Committed to working sustainably

We are committed to working towards a sustainable future. We focus on eco-efficiency, energy efficiency and emission reduction. Our commitments extend to the world outside of our company, working with and supporting the communities we are in and with our other stakeholders. We believe that working sustainably is the only way to achieve long-term success, for our colleagues, our environment, the communities that we are part of, our business and our other stakeholders.