Traders transacting through this platform have undergone our rigorous and extensive vetting and background checks and are certified to be capable of transacting successfully. The platform directly engages in every aspect of the transaction process to ensure the smoothest experience in implementation of the sale and delivery of fue



Handling of Shipping

ETT. works to establish a secure, dependable, and open framework for shipping operations in order to reassure customers regarding the quality and quantity of bunkers loaded in all of our terminals. ETT. provides highly sought-after import and export-focused specialized services to the international trade and transportation sectors. These services are intended to support and advance the global trade in crude oil and petroleum/petrochemical products while upholding all legal requirements for procedures and formalities.

Our business offers state-of-the-art multimodal shipping and procurement services, focuses on all business and individual needs both inside and outside the country, and demands shipping solutions to handle any kind of product. Our representative has worked in international trade and logistics companies for more than ten years. Intermodal services, air and ocean freight services using our Mac, and full circuit solutions for supply management on the network are some of its specialties.